Project Description

The Modern Elegance of a Contemporary Kitchen Design

 Welcome to a showcase of modern elegance—this dark German kitchen project for one of our latest clients’ exudes sophistication and functionality with its sleek, minimalist design. The space is characterized by clean lines, dark tones, and a seamless integration of appliances and storage solutions.


Design and Aesthetics

 The dominant colour palette of deep charcoal grey sets a dramatic tone for this German kitchen, perfectly complemented by the subtle veining on the cabinet fronts, reminiscent of natural stone. The matte finish on the surfaces adds a touch of understated luxury, ensuring that the kitchen remains a timeless classic.

Functional Layout

This client kitchen features an open-plan layout that maximizes space and promotes ease of movement. At its heart is a spacious island, doubling as a prep area and a casual dining spot. Equipped with a venting hob, it also provides additional storage with its sleek, handle-less drawers and cabinets.


Efficient Storage 

One of the standout features of this kitchen is the smart storage solutions. Tall, integrated cabinets on one side house the ovens and refrigerator, keeping them concealed for a clutter-free look. Open shelving above the counter space not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures that essentials are within easy reach. The arrangement is ideal for those who love to keep their kitchen organized and efficient.

Contemporary Dark German Kitchen Project
Dark German Kitchen Project


Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the ambiance of this latest client kitchen project. The large, industrial-style pendant lights above the island provide ample illumination for cooking and dining, while the natural light flooding in from the adjacent window ensures that the space feels bright and airy during the day.


Practicality Meets Style

This kitchen isn’t just about looks—it’s designed for practical use. The countertop space is extensive, making meal preparation a breeze. The integrated appliances, including the oven and refrigerator, are not only space-saving but also add to the streamlined appearance of the kitchen.

Dark Kitchen by German Kitchens London
Dark Coloured Customer Kitchen

Final Thoughts

In summary, this kitchen is a perfect blend of modern design and practical functionality. Its sleek, dark surfaces and smart layout make it an ideal space for both cooking and entertaining. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this kitchen offers everything you need in a beautifully designed package.

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen, take inspiration from this contemporary masterpiece. It demonstrates that with the right design choices, you can create a space that is both functional and fabulously stylish.

German Kitchens London - Customer Project

With over 25 years of kitchen and interior design experience, Michael McMorran of German Kitchens London offers individual kitchens with a love of detail and relies on sustainable business practices and firmly anchored values.

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