With an extensive background spanning over 20 years in kitchen and interior design, Michael McMorran, the founder and owner of German Kitchens London, brings exceptional expertise to the creation of individual kitchens marked by careful attention to detail. Committed to sustainable business practices and firmly anchored values, Michael and the team ensure that every project reflects our dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility.

At German Kitchens London, we specialize in crafting sophisticated kitchen concepts customized to your preferences. Leveraging strategic partnerships and robust logistical capabilities, we meticulously project manage the delivery and installation of premium fitted kitchens that adhere to the latest manufacturing and environmental industry standards. Our unwavering commitment to design excellence, functionality, and superior quality sets us apart in the market.

With longstanding industry relationships with leading German furniture manufacturers, every kitchen is made entirely to order and without any pre-prepared stock items. Every kitchen is unique, not only in the way the units are combined but also in their internal configuration. 

The unit dimensions are as unique as the fronts, offering a diverse range of options in terms of colour, shape, and height. From shelving to niche solutions, handles, and storage inserts, every element is chosen by you and then expertly manufactured, fully assembled, and individually packaged prior to delivery to your site.